Month: March 2017

The Comprehensive Guide to Shopping at Forever 21

Ah, Forever 21. Some people love it, others hate it– I can safely say that I fall in the former category. When it comes to shopping for trendy, of-the-moment pieces on a budget, Forever 21 is my go-to spot. “I don’t know how you always do so well in that store!” is a phrase I’ve heard from many of my friends, always following their initial shock when they find out that what I’m wearing is from the inexpensive, fast fashion retailer.

I’ve been shopping there for what seems like a million years, and at this point, finding the best pieces is something I practically have down to a science. Read on to learn my key tips on how to shop at Forever 21 without looking like you’ve shopped at Forever 21– ya feel me? Your wallet will thank you, and no one will be any the wiser. ??

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Shopping Guide: Sneakers

I love a good boot or a pretty sandal, but I LIVE for fresh sneakers. To me, athleisure is not just a fleeting trend but a way of dressing that will never go out of style– which is why most days, you will find me in a pair of Adidas or Nikes. There’s no reason why we should have to sacrifice comfort for style, and I love the feeling of freedom that comes from maneuvering throughout the day in comfortable footwear (and clothing).

However, there is a definite difference between throwing on baggy sweats and worn-out sneakers versus looking polished and on-trend in your athletic inspired getup. In my opinion, a lot of this has to do with the shoes: a cool pair of sneakers can totally transform your otherwise basic leggings and simple hoodie combo into an actual look (along with the right accessories).

With their rise in popularity and so many unique sneaker designs on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right pair. To help you narrow down your choices, I’ve selected the top four pairs of sneakers that I’m currently lusting after, and guess what? They all feature a neutral color scheme. No surprise there, this girl loves her neutrals– they work for any season, and are the most versatile!

1. Adidas NMD XR1 in Vintage White

I recently picked up these sneakers, and love their futuristic design which plays on the classic NMD style. The colorway is especially versatile because they aren’t stark white; the off-white and gray hues are subtle so that they compliment tons of items in my closet.

But BEWARE: this style’s sizing is way off. They run much too big! I had to exchange mine three times until I finally found the right fit. For reference, I normally wear a size 8.5 in sneakers, and I had to go all the way down to a size 6.5 – pretty ridiculous, but worth the hassle.

2. Adidas NMD R1 in Core Black/Ice Purple

One of the most in-demand sneakers of the moment, the women’s NMD R1 is unfortunately sold out almost everywhere, so be on the lookout for a re-stock. Details like the pop of beige on the sole and the contrasting reflective mesh heel are what really make this pair stand out.

3. Nike Air Presto Premium in Oatmeal

An all-beige sneaker? Yes, please! I have an obsession with tan colored shoes (as evidenced in my collection of sandals and booties) and have never come across sneakers like these– they make for such a fresh look. Since they’re made of leather, the Air Presto Premiums are better suited for casual, everyday wear rather than to the gym.

4. Nike Air Presto in Light Bone

As an alternative to the Air Presto Premium, the classic Air Presto can take you from the gym to the streets since they are made of mesh. The “light bone” hue is the perfect neutral shade to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Have a favorite sneaker from this post? Which sneakers are on your wishlist? Comment & let me know!


Travel Diary: Miami – February 2017

Having lived in the Mid-Atlantic region for a large part of my life, I am (unfortunately) used to plummeting temperatures during the winter season and my February birthday has often been ruined by snow– who wants to go out on the town to celebrate when it’s freezing outside? Trekking through icy slush and bundling up in bulky layers is not appealing, even to the birthday girl herself (me).

This year, I was lucky enough to escape the cold and spend my birthday in Miami, Florida, where having a February birthday isn’t so bad at all. South Beach has become like a home away from home to me over the last few years, being just a quick, easy flight away to better weather and fantastic beaches. I’ve gotten to know the area quite well since I’ve vacationed there plenty of times, and was excited to show my boyfriend around (his first time there!), get a winter tan, and relax on the beach, frozé in hand.

Check out some of the highlights of the trip below!

Wynwood Art District

Wynwood Walls – Maya Hayuck

Though I’ve been to Miami several times, this was the first time I finally made it to the Wynwood Art District, home to the Wynwood Walls, an outdoor museum featuring vibrant large-scale street art. We spent one of our mornings walking around the area, taking in the art, and ate breakfast at MIAM Café. While there are endless walls filled with eye-catching paint jobs, I spent a lot of my time looking down at my feet – perhaps my favorite part of the area were the spray painted quotes and sayings all along the sidewalks.

Infinite cool backdrops make Wynwood the prime destination for Instagrammable photos.


KITH Miami

If you’re into rare sneakers and streetwear, Kith is the mecca. Based in New York, with a huge following of celebrities and sneakerheads alike, this is more than just a store. The Miami flagship location recently opened up a few months ago and happened to be right next to our hotel, so we were excited to check it out. While we didn’t buy any footwear or clothing, we did indulge our sweet tooth at Kith Treats, the brand’s culinary extension, which serves cereal-inspired ice cream treats in the same space.

“The 80” – a signature special created by Victor Cruz, featuring Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Snickers Bar, Waffle Cone, & Almond Milk

Bâoli Miami

For my birthday celebration, we made late dinner reservations at Bâoli, a clubby indoor/outdoor restaurant/lounge. It’s a dressy (and pricey) spot that’s great for a special occasion.  After eating at our table while listening to blaring house music and receiving a sparkler along with my birthday dessert (a must!), we headed to the outdoor bar, which they literally light on fire. The night was #LIT ?.

Let me know if you’ve checked out any of these spots, or if you have any recommendations on where I should go the next time I am in Miami! I’d love to hear from you.

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