1. Do a face mask because ~self care~
  2. Clean out your wardrobe and organize your closet
  3. Work out to a YouTube video – some of my favorite fitness channels are:
    • Rebecca-Louise
    • Blogilates
    • Sanne Vander
    • Popsugar Fitness
  4. Clean out your makeup collection & throw away any old products (same goes for hair and body products!)
  5. Read a book or a magazine
  6. Divide your room or house into sections and dedicate a day to cleaning & organizing each section
  7. Listen to a podcast
  8. Try out a new makeup look or practice your winged eyeliner flick
  9. Cook up a new recipe
  10. Video call with friends or family
  11. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  12. Watch a classic movie you’ve always been meaning to watch
  13. Take a walk outside in nature (away from others!) or sit in your backyard
  14. Create a new playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and play it out loud
  15. Bake a sweet treat
  16. Do a hair mask and let it sit for several hours for maximum benefits
  17. Make a vision board or a mood board
  18. Wash your makeup brushes
  19. Play a board game (or download a mobile game on your phone)
  20. Journal
  21. Meditate (use a guided meditation app if needed)
  22. Try making a new cocktail recipe (so many good ones on Pinterest!)
  23. Start a new (or old) TV series – some of my favorites which I recommend:
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • Gossip Girl
    • Sex & The City
    • Riverdale
    • 90 Day Fiancé
    • Real Housewives of New York
    • The Office (obviously)
    • The Politician (on Netflix)
    • You (Netflix)
  24. Go online shopping (follow my second Instagram @myshoppingchronicles for great sales & finds!)
  25. Do a puzzle or a crossword search
  26. Clean out your purse (mine always accumulates old receipts, napkins, wrappers, etc!)
  27. Learn a new language or skill
  28. Clean up your email inbox
  29. Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions
  30. Try a DIY project (again, Pinterest)
  31. Practice a TikTok dance (lol)
  32. Re-arrange your furniture for a new vibe
  33. Take Buzzfeed quizzes
  34. Watch YouTube videos – some of my favorite fashion & beauty channels are:
    • Naomi Boyer
    • SMLx0
    • Kelsey Simone
    • Tess Christine
    • Genelle
  35. Clean out your phone’s camera roll

What are you doing to keep busy while stuck at home? Leave a comment with suggestions!

Would love additional suggestions for fashion/beauty/fitness YouTube channels to check out!