Find out which recent beauty + skincare products I’m into!

Product links in pink, below.

 Buxom Cosmetics Plumpline Lip Liner

I am a total lip product junkee, and after having tried countless brands and all sorts of pencils, lipsticks, mattes, glosses, etc. I think I’ve found my holy grail liner. Buxom’s Plumpline liners are the perfect sized pencil (not too big, not too small or thin) and glide on your lips sooo smoothly with plenty of pigment. Plus, they have a lip brush on the other end of the pencil so that you can easily blend the color without using your fingers or a separate brush. My only complaint is that I wish they had more shade options! I purchased these in the shades “Dolly Danger” and “Hush Hush,” and I’d like to buy more but haven’t felt that any of the other hues are right for me– here’s hoping that they come out with more shades soon.

As for the “plumpline” part, the brand claims that these are plumping lip liners, but I haven’t noticed that effect whatsoever. If you’re looking for a magical product to enhance the size of your lips, this isn’t the one… but it is an amazing lip liner otherwise.

 Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner

I’ve relied on dry shampoo countless times on those in-between hair washing days, so I was intrigued by the concept of dry conditioner. Since I didn’t want to commit to buying the full size of something I’d never tried before, I picked up the travel size at Sephora recently and have been pleasantly surprised at its effects on my hair. Because my hair is highlighted and often heat-styled, my ends can become pretty dried out, especially on those non-wash days. While dry shampoo helps with any oiliness on your scalp, this dry conditioner really does help to hydrate and smooth the ends of your hair. This product is made with argan oil, mango butter, and tiare flower, all which work to moisturize and soften tresses.

However, there is one drawback to this product which makes me unsure if I will re-purhcase it again in the future: its scent. It has a super overwhelming scent I’m not a fan of, which lingers in your hair the way a hair fragrance would; personally, I wish it was odorless or had different scent options. I recommend trying the travel size option like I did first to see how you feel about the scent!

 Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick

I’m always down to try new spot treatment products because like most girls out there, I will always be on the quest for perfect, spot-free skin. The older I get, the more I find myself trying to incorporate organic or natural products into my life, so this turmeric stick, which also contains beneficial-sounding ingredients like sunflower oil and tea tree oil, caught my eye. In addition to treating blemishes, it’s supposed to help even out, balance, and brighten your skin– ideal for another skin issue I’ve wanted to focus on: fading dark spots.

I like this product because it’s super easy to use– it’s basically like a super large, yellow-tinted chapstick that you smear on your face wherever you have a blemish or uneven skin tone. The packaging recommends leaving it on for 20 minutes but I’ve been leaving it on for longer whenever I’m lounging around my house; just be aware that you will have bright yellow spots on your face, so don’t plan on having anyone over or FaceTiming during that time! (Unless you’re on that level.) While I haven’t noticed any dramatic results, I definitely do feel that this has played a role in fading some of my stubborn dark spots.

 Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

This product was included in my Birchbox, and tbh I didn’t have high expectations for it. While I was happy it contained organic ingredients, I have to confess that I’m a bit of a skincare snob and often assume that drugstore brands (this brand is sold at Target and Whole Foods, which I guess is a step up from that– ha) aren’t effective. ?? I was using it sporadically at first and did not see any results; then I recently ended up using it a few times in the same week and was actually shocked at how bright and even my skin looked! I think the key to benefiting from this face scrub is consistency in using it, i.e. every other day or every 2 days. It exfoliates and softens your skin with organic sea kelp, and is supposed to help stimulate new cell regeneration with argan extract and chlorella. I like using this before or after I’ve washed my face with my regular cleanser.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, are planning on trying them, or have any product suggestions by commenting below! XO