Give your living space a luxe-meets-bohemian feel with these Gypset-inspired items.

I don’t know about you, but if I could, I would spend the majority of my days traveling the world– and in the process, picking up one-of-a-kind items to bring home with me. But even if the farthest you’re planning on traveling to is your local Target, you can still create a living space which looks like it’s filled with luxe items from across the globe– a.k.a. gypset style. Gypset (gypsy + jet set) style is all about combining aspects of a bohemian, nomadic, gypsy lifestyle with the high-end glamour of the jet set, and these home decor pieces do just that.

(Clickable links to each item are in pink!)

  1. Parkland Rug

    How stunning is the deep blue shade of this area rug? Its design adds interest without being over-the-top, while its rich color will anchor your room.

  2. Foil & Fringe Pillow

    In case you didn’t know, I am a sucker for anything gold– it evokes a feeling of luxury. This throw pillow balances luxe with a more homey, earthy vibe thanks to its off-white cotton fringe trim for the ideal combination.

  3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

    I received a similar Himalayan salt lamp this past Christmas, and it has become one of my favorite items in my room. When turned on, it gives off a warm glow similar to a candle, but without the worry of watching over a flame (meaning I can leave it on all day long) and is said to cleanse the air by emitting negative ions. These help to minimize the effect of positive ions from electronic devices, along with dust, pollen, and mold to benefit your respiratory health. While I can’t say I’ve actually noticed any specific changes to the air I’m breathing, the salt lamp adds such a cool touch to my dresser, and definitely invokes a tranquil feeling.

  4. Bar Cart

    Continuing with the gold theme, this gold-finished iron bar cart with mirrored glass shelves is a definite statement piece for your living space. How fun would it be to play bartender with this glam set up?

  5. Gilded World Map

    I’m particular when it comes to wall decor, but the traveler in me loves the concept of a world map as art. It serves as a beautiful reminder of how much of the world there is to explore! The hand-painted gold embellishments give this piece dimension, while the soft cream background is nice and neutral.

  6. Hand Catch-All Dish

    The henna-inspired engraving on this gold catch-all dish gives it character, as if you picked it up from a market in a far off country. I own a similar item which I love using to stash my jewelry: rings on the fingers, earrings and necklaces in the palm of the hand, thus making it as handy (pun intended) as it is pretty.

  7. Sitting Meditation Buddha

    My home is filled with meditating Buddha statues, and they really do bring about a sense of peace and calm. This stone one has an authentic feel that has “gypset” written all over it.

  8. Agate on Stands

    Blue agate reminds me of the ocean, which must be why I love it so much. These agate slices are elevated on weathered gold stands, giving off an natural meets glamorous look that would be perfect on a bookshelf or coffee table.

What kind of home decor appeals to you? Let me know in a comment! Different aesthetics will be featured in future Interior Inspo posts. ?