Sharing my monthly favorites, including fashion, beauty, and more.

We’ve made it through the first month of 2021, and I wanted to share some of my recent favorites that have made my life a bit more exciting. Read on for my newest obsessions in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Gloss Bomb Lip Cream

This lip gloss is SO good. I had been looking for the perfect pigmented gloss to wear over lip liner (sans lipstick), and this is it!

It has become my go-to lip product that keeps my lips hydrated without feeling sticky, like many glosses do. It also blends in nicely with various shades of lip liners for an effortlessly glam look.

The shade “Fenty Glow” is described as a universal “rose nude” shade, but it’s rosy enough that it won’t wash you out (which is a problem I face with most nude lip products). I love it!

Lash Smoothie Mascara

Meet my new favorite mascara. I have tried countless mascaras including many high-end, designer brands, and this $23 mascara has beat out most of them!

My lashes are naturally pretty straight and don’t hold curl very well, but this mascara curls, volumizes, and stays put (instead of falling after a while).

As an added benefit, it features a blend of oils including hemp, castor, coconut, avocado to help condition and nourish your lashes.

Water-Resistant Chelsea Boots

Lug sole boots are a major trend right now, and this pair is both functional and stylish.

They are water-resistant, which is a HUGE plus for me, since I hate having to worry about damaging my shoes in rainy or wintery weather conditions!

I especially love that these feature contrasting brown stitching along the sole – the color combination of black + brown is super trendy at the moment, and this detail really elevates the boots.

I would say the booties run slightly large by about 1/2 a size; I generally get size 8.5 in boots and opted for a size 8 in this pair. They still are quite roomy so I wear them with thicker socks, as well.

Bun Twists

This is a random but life-changing product discovery for me. I have long hair, and when I go to sleep, my hair gets messed up and badly tangled. I’ve tried using silk scrunchies to keep it in a low ponytail or bun, but the scrunchie almost always falls out or feels too tight. Can anyone relate to this struggle?

Enter these metal bun twists, which have helped me keep my hair tame throughout the night. I put my hair in a high bun on the crown of my head, twist 2-3 of these into the bun, and they actually keep my hair in place quite well. Plus, you can hardly feel them on your head, unlike the uncomfortable pulling sensation that scrunchies or hair ties can have.

(By keeping my hair in a loose bun, it does not tangle and helps maintain the style I have, whether it’s curls or a blowout.)


This one is for my fellow organizers, planners, and list-makers.

I recently found out about this incredible, free app/website that is a planner’s dream. Totally customizable, you can create an aesthetically-pleasing workspace for yourself filled with just about anything including calendars, to-do lists, charts, habit trackers, and more.

There is definitely a learning curve with this site, but there are many Youtube and TikTok videos dedicated to teaching you how to make the most of the program, and how to make yours look ✨pretty✨, as well (which IMO, is the fun part).

Once you start to figure it out and make it work for your needs, you will wonder how you lived without it!

Bridgerton on Netflix

If you are not one of the 82 MILLION households who have watched Netflix’s Bridgerton, you are MISSING OUT big time. To say I am obsessed with this show is an understatement!

It’s basically like Gossip Girl set in London in the 1800s, with beautiful sets and costumes, a diverse cast, and a romantic storyline that will make you swoon.

It’s been renewed for a Season 2, so you can watch without the fear of it being over for good (even though next season will focus on other characters… ugh). All I want to see is more of Daphne & Simon, but I digress. Watch it and let’s stan together!

What did you think of my January 2021 favorites?

Leave a comment and let me know, along with any product recommendations of your own!