Open Back gingham mini dress, monogram straw tote bag, manana jewels

Closing out the season in a quintessential summer ’17 look.

gingham straw mini dress, straw basket tote bag monogram, manana jewels

So I think it’s become clear that I’m not over gingham, and that this trend is still going strong. There are so many cute gingham designs on the market right now, they’re difficult to resist! I fell for this adorable cotton gingham mini dress with an open tie-back feature. The semi-open back detail made this dress eye-catching to me– it’s a fun way to show some skin, while still being casual enough for daytime wear.

I got this dress from Lulu’s, but unfortunately it’s currently sold out. However, I have linked a bunch of super cute and similar options from other stores down below!

A straw bag perfectly compliments gingham print, and I recently ordered this mini, monogrammed tote from a European-based brand I found on Instagram (@mananajewels). With the euro-dollar conversion rate and international taxes, the bag ended up costing about $90. Compared to some American-based brands offering similar monogram options, I felt that this was a decent price. It took about three weeks to be delivered to me, and I chose gray as the monogram color because I wanted to be able to wear this bag with both black and browns– though I really loved the way the black option looked in photos.

While I think the bag is adorable and super unique– I love having items which can’t be found at mass retailers at everyone’s mall– I was a bit disappointed in it’s quality, tbh. I can’t give it a wholehearted recommendation because the paint started chipping off almost immediately after I used it for the first time, and the handles were so scratchy that it was difficult to comfortably hold the bag. I felt almost as if I were getting splinters from the rough handles, thanks to pieces of straw sticking out all over them. I actually had to go to Michael’s (the arts and crafts supplies store) to purchase some beige colored trimming to wrap around the handles to make them bearable to carry, which is kind of ridiculous.

I reached out to the store owner via email to voice my issues, and at least she promptly responded. She offered to send me complimentary paint to touch up the chipped areas, so we’ll see how well I am able to do that! Eek. I’ve included some similar straw tote bags below, all with wrapped handles for you.

Though straw bags are trendy at the moment, they never go out of style and make for a solid investment piece. I can see myself using this bag or a similar bag years from now (hopefully on some fabulous beach vacations). Now is the time to buy though, since there are more options being sold because of the trendy factor, so shop away!

gingham straw mini dress, straw basket tote bag monogram, manana jewels

gingham straw mini dress, straw basket tote bag monogram, manana jewels