AQUIS hair towel

The game-changing hair towel you need in your life.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am constantly looking for ways to make my hair healthier, longer, and smoother. As a total product junkee, I’m always down to try new products which claim to improve hair quality, and I recently came across a game-changer: the AQUIS hair towel.

As AQUIS states on their (super cute) packaging: “Your hair is never so vulnerable and damage prone as when it is wet.” To remedy this, they created a towel which absorbs more water from your post-shower hair than any regular towel can, reducing that vulnerable time period and cutting down on your drying time. Less drying time = less time spent using damaging heat tools (like a blow dryer), too.

I was skeptical that this towel would make any difference with my hair, which seriously takes FOREVER to dry and tends to puff out if I let it dry naturally, but it really did absorb more water than my regular hair towel and reduced frizziness. Unlike regular towels, which stop absorbing water at a certain point, the AQUIS continues to absorb water the longer you leave it on your head. If you wash your hair before going out, I would recommend leaving your wet hair in the towel while you do your makeup, and then blow drying it afterwards– by then it will already be partway dry and smoother, which is so convenient.

If you have the kind of hair which dries quickly and smoothly (lucky you), I don’t think you would need this product. However, if you’re like me, who has thick, frizzy, damage-prone hair, I definitely recommend this item! It’s reasonably priced, is machine-washable, and you can even travel with it. In past years I’ve experienced some major damage to my hair (more on that in a future post), so now I like to be as protective of my locks as I can be. Using this towel is such an easy way to improve my overall hair health and creates a faster, sleeker blow-dry.

And FYI, this post is not sponsored– my goal is to always share products with my readers that I honestly use and find to be useful. ?