These weekender bags will tempt you to actually pack light(er) on your next trip.


Planes, trains, cars, busses, you name it– I feel like a significant portion of my life is spent on the road or in the air. Whether it’s a vacation or the inevitable travel that comes with being in a LDR (long distance relationship), I often find myself living out of bags (#BagLady status) and have come to realize that having a great weekender bag in your arsenal is a worthwhile investment.

If you’re like me, you may have come to collect a bunch of those colorful, sparkly, free-with-purchase Victoria’s Secret weekender bags over the years; while those are great to have, I recently decided it’s time for me to invest in something a bit more sleek. I picked up THIS weekender bag and I’m so happy that I did: it has long straps that don’t fall off your shoulders while carrying it, a convenient front pocket, and is even slightly expandable if you need some extra space (which I almost always do). Plus, it’s black which goes with everything, and has a subtle logo on the front for a cool touch.

Even if you don’t travel often, having a reliable yet cool-looking weekender bag is something I definitely recommend. You never know when you’ll need one, and when you do, you’ll be happy to have one that compliments your style. I scoured the web to find some of the best options to make your shopping easier; click through my picks above to find your own perfect weekender!