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These beauty products are summertime must-haves!


If you’re like me, your beauty routine changes during the hot, sometimes sweaty, summertime months. Spending more time in the sun may result in a fabulous tan, but can also result in damaged or brassy hair color, dried out hair, and parched skin. To combat these undesirable consequences, I’m sharing some of my favorite summertime beauty products below.

 TarteGuard 20 Tinted Moisturizer (in shade Light-Medium)

No one wants to feel experience that cake-y makeup feeling, especially when temperatures outside are sweltering and there’s a potential to sweat. Yuck! During the summer, I prefer to ease up on my makeup and opt for products that aren’t heavy in consistency. This tinted moisturizer from Tarte is super lightweight and looks SO natural, with just enough coverage to even out your skin tone. Plus, it features SPF 20 to keep your face protected from damaging, aging UV rays.

I use this in place of foundation and it gives my skin a dewy finish, hiding any minor discolorations or blemishes, but still allowing my skin to come through– freckles and all. If you desire a more full-coverage look, I wouldn’t recommend this, but for a natural finish to simply improve the look of your own skin, this is a fantastic option.

And though I generally never wear makeup to the beach or pool, I can see this product being great for any possible pool/beach parties, boat rides, or similar outdoor social situations where you’d want that no-makeup look while still having even, dewy skin.

 Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

I love Oribe hair products and this spray helps to give your hair a “beach-y, but better” look. You can use it on either damp or dry hair to help enhance your waves, adding texture and shine to your locks. Plus, it has the signature Oribe scent which is so irresistible!

 Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost Moisturizer (shown in travel size)

This is the perfect facial moisturizer for pre-bedtime use during the summer. After spending a day in the sun, which tends to dry your skin out, putting on this gel moisturizer which has a slight cooling effect feels beyond refreshing. I prefer moisturizers with a gel consistency instead of lotions during the summertime because they feel much lighter and absorb more quickly. This product features a bunch of great (and vegan!) ingredients including plumping hyaluronic acid and marine antioxidants, and has a light, invigorating scent. Just be aware that this does not contain SPF, so either use it only at night or layer SPF over top for daytime wear.

 Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In Treatment

Since I’m a fan of Sun Bum sunscreens (and a total hair product junkee), I recently decided to pick up their leave in treatment which claims to detangle, protect, and condition hair. So glad that I did! I have been pleasantly surprised at this product’s effectiveness, especially considering its reasonable price. I use this on damp hair after showering and it does a great job of detangling and smoothing my hair. If you like the smell of bananas, you will seriously love this product’s scent (personally, I’m indifferent to it).

But what really sold me on this item, and what truly makes it a summertime essential, is its UV-protecting quality, which shields hair from the sun and slows color fade. I get highlights and it’s important for me to maintain them as much as I can. If you color or highlight your hair, be sure to do the same!

 Bare Republic Eco-Active Hair Care UV Protecting Dry Shampoo

No, I’m not done preaching about the importance of UV protection for color-treated hair! We are trained to use sunscreen on our bodies, but often forget that the sun can seriously dry out your hair and fade your hair color. I found this 70% organic UV-protecting dry shampoo at Target, and think it’s an awesome way to further protect your hair from sun damage. Most other UV-protecting hair products are sprays which you’re supposed to use on dry hair; personally, these tend to make my hair become oily and look greasy. A dry shampoo is a much more functional product for the summer, since it does the opposite, absorbing any excess oil or sweat.

This dry shampoo is also unique because it is in powder form, so it does not leave white residue that other dry shampoos in spray form tend to do. It’s especially ideal for those with darker hair, because it blends into your hair color much more easily.

 Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 4-in-1 Setting Mist (shown in travel size)

This multifunctional spray acts as a primer, makeup setting spray, hydrating mist, and overall skin refresher with the same amazing summery scent as the Rainforest of the Sea moisturizer. I absolutely love products which have multiple uses, especially because I travel frequently and am often short on packing room (hence the travel-size shown in the photo above). This spray is totally addicting, especially on a hot day when your skin is in need of refreshing! You can use it before applying makeup, after makeup, or with no makeup at all, and it’s infused with antioxidants which help shield your skin from daily aggressors.

What are your summertime beauty essentials? Let me know in a comment below!